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Do you know that water has memory? It is said that when it dries or when it is moved; it returns to fill and run through the same river bed, like if it remembers and knows that is the path that it must take, and it is so strong that overruns everything along its path. And so it must go down the same course for all its existence. And it has a skin, a skin of water; it is the one that keeps all memoirs forever.


Life itself has a memory on the skin of each and everyone. My mother always says that people is like water; we have the same memory and the same skin. We also learn how to walk in one direction like water does, and even if its course is changed, with time it returns to its original path tearing the skin of the earth and keeping it always in its flowing path.


She calls it Skin of Water. It is said that we carry our emotions, our habits, our own ways, always flowing in the same initial direction. Therefore, we, as human beings, repeat those things that have been tattooed into our memory.


If we tie our shoelaces in a certain way, and we keep doing it the same way over and over; it’s because that’s the way we’ve saved it. This is the way we behave and we copy it from others unconsciously. We repeat the same over and over because we can’t help it; it is saved in our skin and its effect on life is the same as it would be with water: we always go back to the original path.

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